The Importance of Spare System Controllers

A building automation system (BAS) is a centralized system that integrates different building systems such as HVAC, lighting, and security, among others. A BAS is essential in maintaining the comfort and safety of occupants while reducing energy usage and costs in commercial buildings.  Composed of various components that work together to control, monitor, and optimize the various building systems.  Perhaps the most critical and fundamental cog for smooth BAS operation is the system controller.

A system controller is the brain of the BAS. It is responsible for receiving and transmitting data between the different systems and devices in the building automation network. The system controller reads data from sensors, carries out programmed actions, and sends commands to different parts of the BAS to maintain the desired conditions. Without a properly functioning controller, a BAS will not be able to operate efficiently, which may result in higher energy consumption and poor indoor air quality, among other issues.

Having a spare controller on hand is crucial in minimizing downtime and ensuring that the BAS continues to function at optimum levels.  A malfunctioning controller can lead to system failures, causing significant disruption to building operations and potential safety risks.

Additionally, system controllers often require specialized programming and configuration, which can be time-consuming and challenging to replicate if a replacement is needed. Having a spare controller on hand allows for a quick and seamless replacement, minimizing downtime and disruption to building operations while ensuring proper system functionality.

As technology advances, legacy controllers may become obsolete, making it difficult or impossible to find replacements. Having a spare controller on hand ensures that the building automation system remains operational, even as technology evolves.

Being prepared with spare controllers, is essential for the continuous operation of the BAS and maintaining the comfort and safety of building occupants.  To find out which controller best fits your buildings needs contact Setpoint Systems today.