What is enteliWEB 2.1 Facility Management Software

What is enteliWEB?

enteliWEB is the latest building automation software package from Delta Controls. Built from the amazing success of the world leading ORCA (Open Real-Time Control Architecture) software, we have completely re-imagined what BAS software looks like.

Know up to the minute how your building is performing. 
In the past the interface into your building was static. A graphics package was provided along with the standard tool for navigation through your building’s controller network. What if you wanted to see something different? If you have multiple people using this software, is it hard to imagine that each person might be interested in vastly different aspects of your building? What if the same piece of software and infrastructure used to manage the day to day operations in your building could also be used by your company’s Energy Management group for environmental optimization and energy management? We have built enteliWEB to be that tool.
At the heart of enteliWEB is the operator dashboard. 
This is the first screen that you see when logging into enteliWEB and can be customized as easily as the screen on your smartphone. Select widgets from a list of options and simply drag them into place within your dashboard.
Everyone, from your technicians to the executive team, can have their own page that brings up just the information they want, as soon as they login.
Because you choose the information that you want, you can change it at any time. Having trouble with your chiller plant? Bring multi-trend graphs, the main system graphic, and specific panel I/O, into your dashboard and get a picture of how that system is doing the moment you log in. Want to see comparative energy or utility usage? Bring in a variety of different graphs and charts, and see immediately how the building is performing.

Learn more at: http://deltacontrols.com/enteliweb or contact an account manager at Setpoint Systems Corporation for a live demo.