Delta Controls – ORCAview Tip – Save graphic to HMI

Graphics for the enteliTOUCH touchscreen are very easy to load!  Highlight one or more graphics in the Navigator, right-click, and choose “Save as HMI Page…”  Graphics are transferred across the network, so you don’t have to go to each one individually.  This is a huge time-saver! Was this tip helpful? We’d love to hear your feedback, leave a comment below!

enteliWEB 2.1 Facility Management Software—Key Features: Scheduling

SCHEDULING Event scheduling in enteliWEB allows occupancy to be associated with specific date ranges or recurrences. Special events or room rentals can be scheduled as one-time-only events. Event descriptions i.e. “Yoga Class” are displayed on the event time block. Colors distinguish between weekly schedules, ON events and OFF events. Date ranges, recurring dates and recurring week and day events are …