Setpoint Systems Continues to Operate with Full Functionality

March 26, 2020

Together we find ourselves in an extraordinary situation with COVID-19. Setpoint Systems is prepared and understands how critical it is for you to stay connected to essential services. Here are a few ways we will continue to work and serve through this difficult time:

  1. 24/7 Service. We are continuing to offer 24/7 service. While we do this, we are taking the necessary steps to keep you and our employees safe.
  2. Warehouse Open Daily. Our warehouse will remain open for daily will calls and shipments of parts and equipment. One Setpoint Systems team member will be present at our office to coordinate and assist with order fulfillment. Our main office will be locked, so please call ahead or ring our doorbell at the dock door for pickup. We will photograph material/equipment on your truck or in your hands in place of signing a will call ticket, thereby limiting touch and physical interaction.
  3. Setpoint Team Can Work Remotely. We have the full capability to work from anywhere in the country, and several of our team members are taking advantage of that now. Our main office phone is in full service, as well as email and fax.
  4. Manufacturers Are Producing. Thankfully, all of our manufacturers are continuing to produce and fill orders for the time being. Even with more restrictive measures going into place around the country, many of our manufacturers (if not all) are considered exempt as essential businesses since they serve the HVAC, construction, potable water, food & beverage, and medical industries. That said, we may begin to experience lead time delays as things go along. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.
  5. Training Classes. We are continuing to hold training classes at our facilities but have reduced our class sizes to allow individual spacing. Masks and hand sanitizers are available upon request, and each room will be sterilized before class.

We also offer some other creative ways to stay in touch with us while still maintaining social distancing:

  • Microsoft Teams is a great way to meet for voice/video conferencing in small or medium groups or even one-on-one. We can even screen share to go over plan sets or show presentation slides.
  • Go to Meeting

We’re not the only ones getting creative.

Our manufacturers are also exploring new and creative ways to continue to connect with our customers. We will send out new opportunities as they become available.

We continue to pray for the health and safety of our valued business partners as well as the health and safety of our great country.

Aaron Nahale, CEM, LEED® AP

Thank you for supporting your local businesses through these very difficult times. We are practicing social distancing and are taking the necessary steps to keep you and our employees safe. Please know we appreciate your business.