Over the Hill…Not Yet!

Lordy, lordy, look who’s forty!  It’s Us!  On August 25th, 2023 Setpoint Systems Corporation will officially have been in business for 40 years!  On such a significant anniversary, we wanted to use this edition of the Automation Publication to take a look back at our origins.  It all began when we were bit by that radioactive spider…wait…apologies, I confused Setpoint with Spiderman again.  Common mistake.

Originally founded in Denver as the Energy Service Bureau Company by Ed Shackleford, John Graaf and Owen Duffy.  With the aim of monitoring and controlling energy usage in facilities throughout the western United States.  The company’s first office was in the 500 square foot basement of Ed Shackleford’s home. It was a one-stop-shop for all things Setpoint Systems; from accounting, engineering, sales, service, and project management.

One year later in 1984, we shifted our focus to designing, installing, and servicing electronically controlled building control systems.  Through a dedicated focus on process and procedures, as well as an unflinching commitment to craftsmanship, Setpoint started to grow.  Starting with small jobs, worth barely a grand.  Juxtaposed with the numerous multi-million dollar jobs completed today.

From the years 1988-1991, there were a number of critical and memorable moments for Setpoint, affecting our foundations and future.  Starting with renaming ourselves Setpoint Systems Corporation in 1988!  Which was also the year we purchased our first office building.  No more basements!  In 1989 we became a distributor for Delta Controls, a partnership that continues to thrive to this day.

The next year or so were highlighted by a slew of new, high-profile projects.  Truly beginning with the pivotal StorageTek project, helping their expansion from 1 building to 20!  Providing us with the necessary cash flow to expand and take on exciting new projects including the Tabor Center, Cray Computer, Cascades and Buckley Air Force Base.  This period of growth and change punctuated in 1991, when Aaron Nahale became majority owner.

Setpoint Systems Corporation has gone on to install well over 4,500 building control systems all over the globe.  Carry and distribute a complete line of quality building control products for customers nationwide.  Become a 7-time consecutive winner of the Energy User News Efficient Building Award.  Garnering numerous accolades including the coveted NECA Construction Firm of the Year and the US Department of Commerce Commitment to Excellence awards, respectively.  All the while being ranked, for well-over a decade, as a Top 50 Minority Business by Colorado Business Magazine.

As a company, we are thrilled to be celebrating this milestone.  We understand just how rare it is for a company to have this type of longevity.  Appreciated all the more when we take a look back at where we’ve been.  And as excited as we all are to celebrate this 40 years, we’re even more excited to celebrate the next 40!  See you in 2063!!