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SETPOINT U is ALL about "YOU".

It’s not just the system you have, it’s the training!

Learn how to improve your building automation performance with Setpoint U training videos.

We are developing online videos to enhance our training resources for you. Over 60 videos POSTED, 15 on STANDBY, another 30 in DEVELOPMENT, and more to come. 

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Welcome to SETPOINT U Tips & Tricks.

This is a partial listing of videos available on YouTube.
This collection of quick tips and tricks are designed to enhance your building automation skills. Topics include database management, enteliWEB tips, and much more. Each movie is approximately 1-3 minutes long. 

It's nice learning a couple of tips a week. Makes it easier to absorb and use.

Now I don’t have to wait for a Setpoint tech to come for something minor. I learned how to do it myself.

The Tips & Tricks have helped increase my understanding of how our system works.

Interested in onsite training at your facility?

Setpoint Systems offers hands-on building automation training at our facilities, through webinars, or we can bring our training to you using our portable trainers. Customized training is ideal for groups wishing to maximize productivity and quickly come up to speed with your building controls system. Interested in learning more about our training or how to improve your building automation efficiency?

Online webinar training also available.

Miscellaneous Videos

The Internet is an amazing place to explore, and you never know what you are going to find.
Check out some fun videos we created.

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