Introducing Coppertree Analytics

We wanted to take a few moments to introduce Coppertree Analytics into our scope of solutions we can offer you for complete integration, control, and monitoring of your building or facility. Over the next few days, we’ll explore together more details and benefits of utilizing Coppertree Analytics.
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Who/What Is Coppertree Analytics

For more than 30 years Coppertree’s parent companies Delta Controls (one of the largest independent building controls manufacturers) and ESC (Western Canada’s largest building systems integrator) have been at the forefront of creating SMART buildings. Long before ‘sustainable’ was a buzz word the founders were involved in energy audits and consulting; and so it was a natural extension to create Coppertree in response to the growing demand for building energy management services.

Our heritage means we combine an implicit understanding of the technology which controls buildings with the practicalities of maintaining them – so you get a solution which delivers genuine energy savings. Know your energy issues – Fix what is broken

Put simply Coppertree analytics provide energy management and fault detection diagnostics as software as a service which delivers you the power to optimize your building performance.

We were frustrated how SMART buildings aren’t delivering on the promise ‘intelligent’ buildings inspired and we know we can fix that. Our mission is to lessen the climate changing impact of buildings by making them easier to monitor and manage.

Based outside Vancouver, a city with a booming tech sector, we share a similar profile being young and multicultural. Our average age is 33, and diverse cultural backgrounds from Vietnam and India to Ireland and Russia. If you are interested in joining our team of programmers, designers and energy experts please get in touch.

If you would like to learn more please visit: Coppertree here or contact a Setpoint Systems Corporation Account manager here for a live Demo!