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Setpoint Systems Corporation (Setpoint) supplies a Technical Services Agreement (TSA) Manual to all our TSA customers.

One section of this manual is “Operator’s Log”. This is an area that the operator can keep track of questions and/or problem he or she finds between TSA visits. This log also is a way for the Setpoint TSA service technician knowledge of the questions or problems from the TSA customer. Once action is taken on the question and/or problem, the action is recorded for the operators and technician information.

This recording of the question or problem also allows future TSA visit to identify past questions and or problems for both the Operator and the TSA service technician.

It is also handy to have a log book, Personal Log by Operator, for writing notes on multiple items to be addressed. They multiple items can be taken action upon and recorded as well.

Please keep these Technical Services Agreement Manual and Personal Log by Operator located near the Operator Work Station for easy access for both the Operator and the TSA service technician.

If your Technical Services Agreement (TSA) Manual is lost or misplaced, please contact your Setpoint Service Account Manager.

Setpoint System Corporation Service Team

Author- Mike Brueggeman, Account Manager, Setpoint Systems Corporation