VAV Applications Webinar – Dec. 6, 2023

VAV Applications Webinar – Dec. 6, 2023

A hands-on one-day class designed for the operator who has a Setpoint system controlling VAV AHUs and VAV terminal boxes. Learn how DDC controls are typically applied in VAV applications and the basics of VAV air systems, including fan-powered boxes and reheat. After taking this class, the user will be able to configure, balance, and operate their own VAV systems more effectively.
  • General Concepts of VAV Systems
  • VAV Terminal Types
  • Airflow Measurement
  • VAV Controllers
  • Networking and Power
  • Sequence of Operation
  • Controllers Database
  • Optimization and Troubleshooting

Building Automation I
1-day Webinar
Price: Free
This is not a hands-on class and no certificate will be issued. The webinar code will be sent the day before class. If you are interested in a hands-on class, check our online schedule.

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Dec 06 2023


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM