Admin Department volunteer activity

Doing Good in the Community

Admin group volunteers for Xcel Energy Day of Service

The Xcel Energy Day of Service started seven years ago to honor the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Together, Xcel and their volunteers have created a positive community effect by tackling nearly 70 projects for worthy nonprofit organizations, all across Colorado.

This year, Setpoint System’s Administration group selected this worthwhile cause for a team-building activity. As part of their department’s six-month goals, they volunteered Saturday, September 9 to make a difference in our community.

The Admin team signed up for project work at the non-profit Lakewood Action Center. “The Action Center provides basic human needs and pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless” through a number of service programs.

Lynda, Steve, and Danielle worked at the main location of the Action Center in the self-service grocery area. The self-service grocery program provides food to community members who are on the continuum of need, have experienced a temporary setback, or have never been able to make it on their own. The three sorted through and pulled expired produce, which will be shipped to local farmers for their pigs, cows, and other livestock. They cleaned and refilled bins with incoming produce from numerous grocery stores in the area that donate to the Action Center. This self-service grocery program provides healthy food alternatives to people in need.

Virginia and Roger worked at the Action Center Warehouse. At the warehouse, the volunteers worked in an assembly line to fill boxes with a 5-day supply of nonperishable goods. Virginia and Roger were part of the group who assembled boxes at the start of the line. The boxes were loaded on pallets and at the end of the day, Roger helped push the pallets back into the warehouse for storage and use at the next community food giveaway. According to the Action Center staff, a record was set thanks to the thirty volunteers at the site. The old production record was eight pallets of sixty boxes each and the new record is now eleven pallets!

All in all, the team building activity brought a good feeling. It was great to work with a wonderful group of volunteers and ultimately support community initiatives.