Delta Controls Product Update — Product Obsolescence Notice

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most current information about their building control systems.

Due to key component end of life, several Delta Controls products are going into a last time buy opportunity:

  • DNT-T103, DNT-H103, DNT-T221, DNT-H121 thermostats
  • DNS-24BX MS/TP sensor
  • RTS-424 sensor (V2 sensor in a DNS package)
  • DNT-VAV-DG1 VAV thermostat (not DTM-VAV-DG1 termination board)
  • DZNT VAV Controller (DZNT-T0 thermostat and DZTM termination modules)
  • RPT-768 MS/TP repeater

We will be shipping the above products until the end of December 2019, but please place orders prior to December 1st to ensure Delta will be able to process them.

The DNS-24L LINKnet model was recently redesigned and is not affected by this component EOL. There are no plans to obsolete any of the DNS-24L/DNS-H24L models at this time.

Alternatives are available for these soon-to-be-obsolete Delta products. Watch for our next Delta Product Update.

For information on all current Delta products and systems, contact your Account Manager at 1.800.372.8837 today or email

If you need help locating the correct replacements for old/obsolete equipment, our specialist in our Parts Department can supply you with information.

Having problems with your existing system? Contact our Service Department and have our experts fine-tune it.