Delta Controls End of Rebate Program

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Delta Controls Retrofit System Controller Announcement
Rebate Program Ending 12/31/19

Due to a decline in demand, Delta Controls is ending the rebate program for Delta Turbo ICP-0xx panels upgraded to their V3 BACnet replacements (DSC-R1616E & DSC-R2424E) as of 12/31/19.

Delta Controls will continue to sell the Retrofit Controllers. A small price reduction will apply in lieu of the rebate formerly offered.

About the Retrofit System Controllers: DSC-R1616E and DSC-R2424E are V3 BACnet controllers that can be used to replace a variety of past-generation controllers. The DSC controllers have the added benefit of supporting both V3 MSTP and Delta V2 zone networks, allowing for a staged upgrade path.

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